Health Care

Within the neighbouring area, the region has a primary cardiac care centre in St. Mary’s Hospital and Grand River Hospital, both within the downtown core area.   Freeport Hospital in Kitchener provides complex care, cancer and critical care.  With several local pharmacies, nutrition practitioners, apothecaries, and alternative therapies, a holistic approach to health is prevalent in the culture of care within the region. 


Registered physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths and specialized health care providers share in ensuring optimal care for the community. Discover people dedicated to bringing you balance to your life, health care and a feeling of overall wellness, to ensure you engage in an active and healthy lifestyle.

grand river hospital


Serving the Waterloo Region and surrounding communities, as one of the mid sized hospitals in Ontario, the main hospital is located in the downtown core directly between Kitchener and Uptown Waterloo.   Freeport hospital is a second site, providing complex care, cancer and critical care. With 567 beds treating patients, the hospital's resident surgeons perform more than 12,000 day procedures a year, and nearly 5,600 operations requiring a hospital stay.  Highlighted as a Best Practice Spotlight Organization recognized by the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, exceptional high quality care is delivered through inspired, committed people, with innovative initiatives and strong partnerships.

st. mary's general


A hospital near the heart of downtown, doctors, nurses, and health care professionals practicing in this health care facility, have become known for taking care of hearts.  As a primary cardiac care centre, the hospital has been a cornerstone in the community since 1924. Patient-centred care is provided in the tradition of the founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton. With approximately 2,000 staff, physicians and volunteers, the hospital is the second-largest acute care hospital in the St. Joseph’s Health System and a Regional Cardiac Care Centre. Compassion and care is provided to patients and families every year and physicians work through the St. Joseph’s Health System International Outreach Program (IOP), serving the poor and vulnerable in Haiti, Uganda and an array of international communities.



Only a few blocks away, your trusted local pharmacy can provide you everything you need from over-the-counter medications, health and beauty products, to cosmetics, fragrances, seasonal products and your everyday household essentials.  Prescription renewals, vaccinations, heart health, diabetes management, nutritional supplements and vitamins, are all located in one location. A Home Health Care® store nearby also provides assisted-living devices, medical equipment, home-care products and durable mobility equipment.

uptown waterloo therapy


Physical health and well being is the focus at this treatment and therapy centre.  Movement, mobility and confidence in your body to move the way you need, helps you live life to the fullest. Experience the joy of pain free movement, with a partner in an integrative clinic devoted to keeping you in motion. This health care professional team provides individualized care and an educational collaborative approach among all practicing professionals working within the centre. Practitioners are qualified and regulated by accredited institutions and colleges, working within independent practices, and as a unified team to improve your overall health.

uptown dental


Dental care is an important component of your overall health. A local dentist in the neighbourhood can support routine, regular check ups and cleanings to support your overall health and wellness. There are strong links between cardiovascular disease and gum disease.  Dr. Samra and his associates are committed to clients in care and in education.  Conferences and seminars evolve new procedures and innovation in dental technology, combining with decades of dental experience providing service to the community. 



A national pharmacy and drugstore retailer, Pharmasave has hundreds of locations across Canada, with a drug store located in North Waterloo. Find pharmacy services, medications, natural products, and diabetes, heart, and stroke risk assessments.  Discover online resources and a wealth of resources on a vast array of health topics, medication, natural products and in store support for all your personal care and pharmacy needs. 

Now & Zen Holistic Health


The inspiration for a life of balance awaits and encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.  Massage therapy creates a quiet space and peaceful place to escape from the stresses of everyday life.  Relax and rejuvenate in a tranquil setting to sooth your body by having your muscles stretched, knots removed, and tension released by registered massage therapists.  With a client centered approach to treatment, care will be catered to your needs and customized to resolve issues, helping keep you full of energy with a body you can move to stay active and healthy.

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

Botanical nutritional support can bring vibrancy and help you enjoy good health within your life. As Uptown Waterloo’s first natural pharmacy, Holistic health focuses on determining the root cause of issues.  Within this approach, the focus is on overall wellness.  Traditional medicine treats symptoms and syndromes, once disease or issues have manifested.  Holistic health and nutrition focusses on a balanced lifestyle, and works to ensure optimal health and is supported and achieved throughout your lifetime in the prevention of illness and issues with a focus on wellness.  Visit specialists in nutrition providing guidance on the use of safe and natural products for infants, children, and adults, We carry full lines of vitamins, minerals, functional foods, homeopathics.