A Mercantile History


Set In Stone

Limestone has a rich history of structures designed and built across Europe still standing today. Natural stones of the highest quality are granite, limestone and basalt, chosen for their longevity.   Limestone is selected for its strength and ability to provide strong and durable structures, proven by some of the structures found in world history. Limestone blocks have high strength and limestone blocks are also resistant to corrosion. With high durability, limestone can also be used for the restoration of historical landmarks, and of interest, the Pyramids of Egypt are still standing due to the strength of their limestone blocks.

Isabelline horse running


With royal history in the name, a royal colour in Isabelline evolved.  The rich, golden, praline cream colour was chosen for the building.  The first recorded use of isabella as the name of a colour in English was in the year 1600, to describe an item in Elizabeth I of England's wardrobe as "one rounde gowne of Isabella-colour satten ... set with silver spangles".  This colour is also known as Palomino, Cremello or Perlino in horses, and these rare horses are known for their rich golden coats.